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Name Description aarch64 armv7 pmmx ppc ppc64 x86_64
vim advanced text editor
openvpn A robust, and highly configurable VPN (Virtual Private Network)
ca-certificates CA root certificates
mksh MirBSD Korn Shell, a free Korn Shell interpreter
dovecot IMAP and POP3 server ~
skalibs A set of general-purpose C programming libraries for software ~ ~
s6-linux-init A s6-based init system ~ ~
s6's small & secure supervision software suite ~ ~
execline A small scripting language for non-interactive scripts ~ ~
s6-dns's DNS client libraries and command-line DNS client utilities ~ ~
s6-networking's UCSPI TCP tools, access control tools, and network time management utilities. ~
perl Larry Wall's Practical Extraction and Report Language
openssh Port of OpenBSD's free SSH release
tellico Collection manager
s6-portable-utils's portable miscellaneous utilities ~
s6-linux-utils's Linux-specific miscellaneous utilities ~
qt5-qtwayland Unstable Qt platform module for experimental Wayland display system
nfs-utils NFS file sharing client and server
rpcbind portmap replacement which supports RPC over various protocols
grub Bootloader with support for Linux, Multiboot and more
free42 Scientific programmable calculator
fortune-mod Display random messages or quotations
bcnm Client network manager ~ ~
apkvitrine Package tracker and analyzer for APK repositories
py3-apkkit Python library for manipulating and verifying APK packages