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Name Description aarch64 armv7 pmmx ppc ppc64 x86_64
py3-flup Python WSGI module collection
sysvinit System V-style init programs ~ ~
sudo Give certain users the ability to run some commands as root ~ ~
s6-rc's service manager, working on top of s6 ~ ~
utmps A secure utmp/wtmp implementation ~ ~
mdevd A small uevent manager daemon ~ ~
apk-tools Alpine Package Keeper - package manager ~ ~
marble Free, open-source map and virtual globe
xscreensaver X Screensaver suite ~
wlroots Library for building Wayland compositors
xcb-util-errors XCB utility library for readable X errors
gtk+3.0 The GTK+ Toolkit (v3) ~ ~
wayland-protocols Protocols and protocol extensions complementing the Wayland core protocol ~
wayland A computer display server protocol ~
py3-netifaces Portable network interface information
openjpeg Open-source implementation of JPEG 2000 image codec
krita Digital painting program by KDE
imagemagick A collection of tools and libraries for many image formats
digikam Professional photo management and digital camera import
kxstitch Cross-stitch pattern editor by KDE
jasper Library implementing JPEG-2000
libraw Read RAW image files from digital cameras
libkdcraw RAW image file format support for KDE
qt5-qtimageformats Image handling plugin for Qt
kstars Desktop planetarium