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Name Description aarch64 armv7 pmmx ppc ppc64 x86_64
kde-utilities Desktop utiltiies from the KDE Software Collection
plasma-desktop Modern, functional, integrated libre desktop environment
kget Versatile download manager
ktorrent BitTorrent client by KDE
kinfocenter Information about the running computer
systemsettings KDE system settings configuration utility
kdeplasma-addons Extra applets and toys for KDE Plasma
plasma-workspace KDE Plasma 5 workspace
plasma-systemmonitor System monitor tool for KDE Plasma
powerdevil KDE Plasma power management utilities
bovo Gomoku or Connect Five game
breeze-gtk GTK+ style that matches KDE Breeze
calligra KDE Office suite
okular Universal document reader developed by KDE
digikam Professional photo management and digital camera import
dolphin Lightweight desktop file manager
granatier Clone of the classic Bomberman game
gwenview Fast and easy image viewer by KDE
libkdepim KDE PIM runtime library
kalzium Periodic table of elements (PSE) with calculators
kamoso KDE camera software
kapman Pac-Man clone
kate Advanced text editor with autocomplete, syntax highlighting, and more
katomic Fun, educational game involving molecular geometry
kblackbox Hide-and-seek logic game

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